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National Leadership Conference (2014-2015)

Imagine, Believe, Become !

Join more than 5000 members and advisors at the 2015 National Leadership Conference in Anaheim,  California May 6-10!

In order to attend the National Leadership Conference, a student must be an active BPA member and be approved for attendance. All students must attend the National Leadership Conference with an approved chaperone.

Besides that, a member must qualify for the conference in at least one of the following ways:

  1. Qualify by finishing high enough in a State WSAP Competitive Event. Contact your State Advisor for information on regional and state conferences where WSAP contests take place.
  2. Be a local, regional, or state officer.
  3. Represent your state as a voting delegate for your division.
  4. Be involved in a National Officer campaign either as a candidate or otherwise actively involved.
  5. Earn an Ambassador Torch Award via the Torch Awards Program. 
  6. Be involved in the NLC in a manner which is purposely planned by the BPA member and local advisor. This could include (but is not limited to) being an NLC Intern or attending the National Leadership Academy.

As you can see, attending NLC is not limited to simply winning your competitive event. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this National Leadership Conference!

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